Thought for the day: Prayer Conductivity

(Revelations 8:4) “The smoke of the incense along with the prayers of the holy ones went up before God from the hand of the angel.”

It hit me today at Mass contemplating all the angels and Saints that were then celebrating all around us and bringing that celebration back to Jesus per Rev 8:4 above.  This got me thinking of the Saints and angels being this big electric love conductor taking my and our prayers flowing from me, the initiating prayer terminal, to Jesus the ultimate end prayer terminal, with the Saints and angels being the conducting wire medium, so to speak. 

How great to fathom the love that each one of us has available to us with Saints and angels perched and located all around us just waiting for one’s prayers to drip off from one’s lips or ooze out from one’s brain’s thoughts to rush them, like the pony express, from the hand of one angel to a Saint, to another angel until delivered at Jesus’ feet.

Then, how curious that God designed such a physics phenomenon here on earth, to have electrons/power/energy to be transmitted and flow through a conducting medium from one terminal to another.  Just like Heaven – prayer conductivity.

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