What Do You See When You Think of God?

This question hit my mind when I was reading an apologetics book talking about the reality of God.  The statement that there had to be a first mover and that mover had to be an uncreated, total encompassing and infinite being.

So, I turned my brain on to ask it to form my mind’s eye reaction/picture used to describe what God looks like.  I found myself visualizing this majestic man with flowing white beard, long white hair and flowing bright white vestments standing on a cloud with bright rays of light/energy radiating from Him.  This picture came from the “we are made in His image” teaching and reality.  After reading this book’s section, I realized that I had put God into this small box.  I had turned my image of God into Him being an image of me rather than me an image of Him.

So, next I started contemplating the situation and began to evolve this box I created for God.  I started to expand my perception of at least what God should look like, how He should be described.  Of course, next came frustration, because no matter how big the box of human rationalization I started to build, it still was a box just the same that horribly understated our God and Creator.

I started with titles such as:

  • Man: Sure, God is strong and my protector. But no, God created humans.  He cannot be defined by something He created so God has to be much greater than any “manly” or even a “womanly” image.
  • Father of all mankind: Sure, God is nurturing. He leads us and points us toward His glory.  But no, God created paternalism and maternalism, so God has to be much greater than a father.
  • King of all the universe: Sure, God is one that leads His people with regal glory and allegiance. But no, God made all kings, and the universe as well.  God has to be much greater/grander than a king.

Everything I could think of to try to describe “infinite” came up the same way, “no, God created that too.”  As I went through this exercise, the wonder and awe built with every layer of His “earthly” titles peeled away.  The result of the revelation:  God truly is an infinite being, more glorious than any earthly moniker I could use to pigeonhole Him, this CHANGES EVERYTHING!

First, the fact that I am made in God’s image makes me infinite as well!  Per my prior flawed vision of God – He had arms, legs, hands and feet just like me.  That formed the link to what my “in God’s image” was based on.  Revelation:  This makes me an infinite creature too!  My physical body keeps me grounded to negotiate life on this earth, but I really have this infinite soul core, how I am infinitely and truly conjoined to our God and Creator.  The blueprint to be welcomed to spend all eternity with Him in Paradise.

Next revelation: our infinite nature made in God’s image gives us the keys and rights to build our intimate and personal relationship with God, our Creator.  Because of this infinite oneness aspect, I possess the ability to hold a two-way conversation with our God.  It is also why I am able to communicate and petition though the Saints in Heaven to God, because they also have that same infinite oneness relationship with God that I do – they are just more intimately close to Him now.

In conclusion, my revelation challenges me to continue to defy the gravity of this earth, to think and act not by sight but by Faith.  Act and pray fervently and personally to my God who created me in His image, so I can some day share God’s Heavenly reward in Paradise.  I challenge my readers to join me on my quest to divest earthly shackles and feel the weight of the world leave our shoulders as we gravitate toward the peace and joy of our infinite nature created within us by our Creator, God.  Amen.

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