We Emulate Others Rather Than God

How often have we looked at, let’s say, a sports figure, and dreamt about how it must feel like to suddenly be the first round draft pick and instantly become a multimillionaire? Then in the same daydream bemoan that, aren’t I just as deserving as this person?

I am driving in my modest 4-door vehicle and past me wizzes a new shiny, expensive sports car? Do I not daydream of being that person sitting in that driver’s seat of my new expensive sportscar?
We humans are preoccupied in the ways of this world. We look and desire things we see, smell, feel and touch. We need; however, to look, smell, feel, touch and desire Jesus.

How would my life be if all I desired was to get to Heaven, to be with Jesus for all of eternity? Would life be simple? Would I be full of joy and peace?

What are we waiting for? Let me restate. What am I waiting for? What am I afraid of? Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.”
I will be honest with you. I am afraid. I want control. I do not want to relinquish any control. Control is a tool developed by my human nature to try to hold on to, or make sense of the chaos going on around me.

My personal Faith journey needs to be one that continually shucks my control reflex action and mentality. It is when I cling or grab onto control that I shield and turn my eyes away from the bright sheen of Jesus’ outstretched arms, and go sideways, off from my path to my salvation.
We were all taught, growing up, not to look at the sun because we will go blind. The world tells us the same about Jesus. Don’t look right at Him or you will surely die. Your life will be filled with unfulfilled goals and opportunities.

Finding Jesus is extremely tough in this world. There are so many distractions the Devil has put on the side of our road or path toward Jesus. “Look at this.” “Come try that.” “Look what he/she has.” “Look how pretty/shiny….” Somehow, we must machete through all the vines across the road that want to pull and divert us off the path. Vines to block and shield what we should really be gazing at and listening to.

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