Mother, do I really have to do it?

I have never really noticed the two picture banners hung either side of the Crucifix at the back of the altar at my new parish church.  On the right is Jesus with outstretch arms like he is beckoning us to Him.  On the other side is His mother Mary also with her arms and head pointing toward her Son.  All Mass, I found my gaze bouncing between the Mary banner to the Jesus banner.  Each time I looked at Mary, her posture in her banner compelled me to gaze toward Jesus’ banner – she was sending me there.

It hit me sitting in the pew of this unique relationship between Jesus, His mother Mary, and me (and you of course).  You know, when we were little, and dad would tell me to do something, and I really did not want to do that chore or task, I would go over to my mother and say, “Dad wants me to do ….  Do I really have to do…?”  To which she would always side with my dad and send me off to do my appointed task.

Here is where our mother Mary now plays the same role.  Jesus asks me to do something outside of my comfort level that makes me extremely uncomfortable, like packing up and moving solo from Texas to Wisconsin for nine months.  I then come to my mother Mary and complain, “Do I really have to do that?”  She warmly returns, “My Son, your Brother, is calling you there.  You really need to go.”

So, here I am.  Looking out the window to 20° and snow.  Right where Jesus wants me to be for some reason.  He alone, right now, knows why, and it is for Him to know that.  But I am here.  Just what my mother told me to do.

So, when you have that dilemma that is tugging on your heart, put there by our Lord, go ask your mother!   She will give you the instructions given to the servants at the Wedding Feast at Cana, “Do what He tells you!”[1]  Amen!

1 John 2: 5

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