Jesus is Awesome!

It is a fact, Jesus can be found in all His creation, from the beauty of the earth, the heavens, to every hair on our heads.  One thing that always amazes me, is how ordered all creation, the universe is.  The universe has a pattern.  It is not randomly cast like a flick of paint from a paint brush onto a canvas.

In all its immenseness, this order gives the universe simplicity.  For instance, the laws of gravity are seen universally.  Large objects, stars, capture their planets which orbit around them due to their gravitational attraction.  Planets attract smaller moons which orbit around them.  This, then, allows us smart humans to start to explore, discover Jesus’ patterns, define these laws of nature and calculate their regular features.  We can chart the stars’ positions in the sky.  We can design vehicles to conquer gravity and fly from one side of the earth to the other.  We can develop space crafts to land men on the moon and voyage to explore other distant planets. 

In the planets’ orbit, earth then is given the ideal spacing from its sun to maintain a proper temperature and atmosphere to support biologic life.  The simplicity of giving the proper spacing, then allowing the earth to also rotate as it orbits, insures every spot on the planet does not get too hot or too cold – always benefitting from direct sun light part of the day and darkness the rest.  If the earth maintained the same facing vs. the sun, the sun side would overheat while the opposite side would be a constant frozen abode.

It is not an accident that the earth contains all the building blocks for life.  We have the right temperature to allow us humans to not only survive personally, but He gave us rain and nutrients in the soil to grow our food.  Jesus gave us day and night so we could be active during the day and replenish our bodies in sleep during the night. 

Just look at us humans.  The intricacy and complexity that Jesus put into play to give us humans the ability to not only walk and run, but also to think and adapt to our surroundings.  It amazes me that our bodies have the capability to regenerate, to heal ourselves when cut, get sick with a cold, mend a broken arm etc.  Jesus gave us these body functions to sustain life, allowing us to spend more time, as a loved creation of His, on this earth.  

He created man and woman in His own image to inhabit the earth to then spend all eternity with Him, between our existence on earth and then eternity in Heaven. He then gave the human metabolism the means of reproduction to insure many generations of humans will inhabit the earth and for many years to come as they have for thousands of years.

Jesus then developed His infinite puzzles that He gives to us humans to challenge us to find Him in Jesus’ creation as we continue to search for clues of why we are here and where did we come from.

Yes, I can see Jesus in the vastness of the universe.  I see Jesus in the simplest blade of grass.  I see Jesus when I drop an apple and it falls to the ground – every time.  I see Jesus in all the human inventions made – electric light, cars, planes, computers etc.  I see Jesus in the animals and humans in the world and the intricate creation of muscles, veins, blood, teeth, legs, fingers.  I see Jesus in all the billions and trillions of things on this earth and universe, that there are no two things exactly alike.

Jesus, in His creation, is a master scientist, biologist, botanist, engineer, artist, physicist, musician, you name it!  “God saw that it was good.”[1]   I see Jesus then in His perfect design for the universe that reflects His beauty and love.  The love that He created all this for me, for my family and for humankind.  Through His creation, Jesus is calling and preparing me to be with Him for eternity.  He gives me this universe, my body and soul to experience Jesus, to see His beauty and love; encourage me to say “Yes” to Him in order to spend the rest of my existence, as His eternal familial guest and brother, in Heaven.

So, with all the creation and beauty provided me, I still ask, “Who is this Jesus?”  There is a common saying, that if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.  Well, when you take in all of Jesus’ creation, it is difficult to imagine that someone loves you and me, enough to go to such a grand effort to create such a universe, in His image, and hand it over to us to live in.  Blessed be the Lord!  Amen.

[1] Genesis 1:25

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