If I only knew…

Jesus so loves me that He continuously gives me what He knows I need when I need it.  Again, looking back in my years spent, I can point to periods and places where Jesus gave me exactly what I needed concerning the circumstances that my family and I were subjected to, exactly when needed, per His will.

As mentioned prior, my family encountered a horrific house fire where all our possessions were lost.  Jesus put this event into play as part of His plan to energize the communities surrounding us.  Heading into and before when the fire happened, Jesus knew that I was not ready to handle such an enormous and traumatic event.  Now that this event is some 20 years in the past, I have a vantage point where I can see how Jesus prepared me, step by step, and strengthened my Faith through the CRHP program, then provided His own Spiritual strengthening to bolster my Faith and Spirituality up to such a high level that I was not only ready, but was able to joyously identify and play my role in the Lord’s plan for our community.

The most awesome example of Jesus’ display of love over the last two years has been the interaction with the Holy Spirit to write and publish my book about our fire story, “I Have Come To Set The Earth On Fire”.  Writing my book was ultra-special.  I never attempted to write a book before.  I was never able to put more than ten pages together for one story.  I was never what you would call a gifted writer – just ask my 8th grade English teacher.  Writing a book was definitely not on any bucket list of mine.  Yet, Jesus wanted the fire story to be told.  It has been said that Jesus does not called the equipped but equips the called.  Thus, the Chomistek family fire story now lives in print for posterity. 

The reaction I have received from people that have read my fire book says it all.  There is complete shock (in a good shocked way), “You wrote this?!”  Well, I cannot take all the credit for the book.  I did have a renowned ghost writer – the Holy Ghost – assist in its writing.

It is easy to look back with comfort after 20 years or so and see how I was indeed equipped to handle these difficult endeavors.  On the other hand, as the events unfolded in real time, it took a real dose of Faith to charge into the situation with Faith, courage and true Hope.  The Faith and Hope of certainty that Jesus loves me so much that I am certain that all will be more than fine in the end.  The Faith and Courage to give all the uncertainty, fear and anxiety to Jesus.  As it states, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”[1]

So, this Jesus, in His love, wants me to participate and excel in my and my world’s salvation.  He does not want to do it all Himself.  He very easily could snap a finger and everything plays out like an “everything goes my way” movie.  Sometimes I may not see these traumatic, or at least bad things that happen to me, as wonderful notes played in Jesus’ symphony of the world’s salvation.  Jesus loves me enough to give me the chance to say “Yes” to His bidding.  He loves me enough to equip me to play my role in His plan.  So, there should be no reason for me to ever reject my loving Lord and Savior’s invitation.  Even so, He even gives me multiple chances to say “Yes” when I am not totally cooperative.  Thanks be to God for that. 

So, Jesus loves me, and you as well, by giving us free will and giving us the opportunity to say “Yes” or “No” to participate in His plan for salvation.  He shows His real love by trusting me enough to give me this choice and have the confidence that I will not make a mess of His grand plan.  I just need to not make Jesus work so hard.  Instead of saying “Yes” from the start, it usually takes a few rounds of pokes, pushes and kicks in the pants for me to get with Jesus’ plan and biddings.  If I knew Jesus a little better, I could then realize His daily calls.  Just think of the things I could have accomplished by now? 

“The day you realize that anything is possible with God is the day you realize just how unstoppable you are”[2]

So, who is this all loving, compassionate and merciful Jesus that calls me to do great things for Him?  Amen

[1] Matthew 11:28-30

[2] Dynamic Catholic May 30, 2017 Daily Reflection taken from Justin Fatica’s book “Your Amazing”



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