How often is God not #1 in my life?

A thought came to mind this morning at Bible Study how life becomes so much more difficult and complex when we put ourselves above God in our lives.

A number of years ago, I worked for a German company and visited their home facility there.  The company was in the middle of a large political battle where the new CEO was trying to take over the company, but the family owner of the company was battling with him to retain control.  A unique environment witnessed there vs. a similar situation in the US, employees there are impelled to choose sides, throwing their total support and elegance to one of the combatants.

There was an interesting cartoon drawn and posted on one of the windows. It had an Olympic podium with the gold step flanked by the silver and bronze lower step positions.  On the gold medal step stood the caricature of the CEO.  On the silver step stood the owner’s caricature.  The owner; however, stood taller on his step and was looking down at the CEO.

In this example, or one could even call a parable, the CEO thought he was king when the true king was the owner.  We have the same tendency in our lives.  We put ourselves on that gold medal pedestal.  We see ourselves as the king and master of our destinies.  No matter how we feel about who runs our show, God or me, God wins.  He runs the show.  When we try to be our god, bad things usually eventually develop.

As in the case of my German company’s situation, the owner eventually won, and the CEO was unceremoniously shown the door, never to return again.  God is a little more (or a lot more) merciful than my company’s owner.  We will suffer through the consequences of our decision making, but God will always be there to invite us back to the company to be fully reinstated and vested.

When I feel my ego starting to take over my life’s decision-making, that is when I need to resolve to take a step back and a step down to the lower podium step and let God back up on the gold medal step.  The sooner I do that, the better my day and life will go.  The longer I take to let God assume the lead, the farther in the distance His salvific light dims.  Amen


  1. Pandeism: This is the belief that God created the universe, is now one with it, and so, is no longer a separate conscious entity. This is a combination of pantheism (God is identical to the universe) and deism (God created the universe and then withdrew Himself).


    1. Thanks for the definition, but Pandeism has nothing to do with this post. God is intimately involved with the workings of the universe. Even though God has given us humans free will to make decisions about our life’s journey, the hand of God is everywhere and in every second and every day of our existence. Just that we take our next breath. The fact that miracles happen and prayers are answered. This world and our God is not Pandeist. God Bless.


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