God’s Gifts Implanted Inside Us Fragile “Earthen Vessels” (2 Cor 4:7)

Within us, God installs all the building blocks of graces and spiritual gifts we need to get to Heaven.  He has made us in His own image.  Yet we are but a fragile clay vessel containing these gifts.  We are teetering on the edge of the table, about to fall and break into hundreds of pieces, with the slightest nudge or tilt.  I am sure that I have made that Humpty Dumpty plunge to the floor a number of times.

Perhaps, the Devil and/or the lures of the world, are shooting BB’s at my vessel, chipping, chunk by chunk, pieces of clay away from the walls of my vessel.  Pieces falling helplessly on the table or floor.

But, here is the great thing.  Jesus also has a big tube of Super Glue, waiting to put the pieces back in their places.  He is eternally there, loving me, waiting for me to come home to Him.  He is there to put back the pieces onto my cracked and damaged clay pot.

He first picks up the piece, applies the glue, then hands the piece back to me.  All I have to do is take it.  Jesus then shows me exactly where the piece fits.  I just need, then, to set the piece in place.  What usually happens, though, I take the piece and lay it down for later consideration.

Another great thing; however, this glue never dries until my piece is finally used and put it into its place.  I may have a pile of pre-glued pieces laying around that I have not gotten around to set yet, but every minute of the day, and even night when I am asleep dreaming, Jesus lovingly continues to give me instructions on where and how to reconstruct my earthen vessel.

My vessel is in a constant process of being shot and broken to pieces, and reconstruction.  My goal then is to have a completely constructed vessel when the Lord calls me home.  My vessel will, for sure, bear the scars of all the broken pieces glued back together.  But my goal is to present, to the Lord, a strong and complete vessel, full of God’s love and me in His image, to glorify Jesus, Our Father, and the Holy Spirit, for ever and ever.  Amen.

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