Finding Jesus Series

In the Gospel of Matthew 13:45-46, Jesus tells a parable about the merchant who sells everything to buy the pearl of great price.  Now, this transaction by the merchant looks […]

How often have we looked at, let’s say, a sports figure, and dreamt about how it must feel like to suddenly be the first round draft pick and instantly become […]

Here, during Independence Day week, it’s time to take a step back to take an inner reflection of who we are and what we stand for.  In God We Trust.  […]

It is a fact, Jesus can be found in all His creation, from the beauty of the earth, the heavens, to every hair on our heads.  One thing that always […]

Jesus so loves me that He continuously gives me what He knows I need when I need it.  Again, looking back in my years spent, I can point to periods […]

Inspired by my Protestant brothers who embrace Jesus’s Faith through devout devotion to the Bible, it points out as well the gap lacking in Faith that we, both Protestants and […]

Now that I have been on this earth for over 60 years, I have a bit of ground to look back at and survey how life has played out.  Even […]

Jesus loves me so much that He has blanketed me with outstanding images of Himself, each that were created in His own image and then sent down to Earth to […]