Book Words of Wisdom

Jesus so loves me that He continuously gives me what He knows I need when I need it.  Again, looking back in my years spent, I can point to periods […]

Sometimes things are so glorious that one just does not have the earthly words to explain the phenomenon that was or is being experienced to another human.  As my book […]

We tend to quickly place people that we see, meet and know into one or more categories that instantly describe who they are, friend or foe, and how they are […]

People often shy away from doing something outside of their circle of comfort because they feel ill equipped to pursue and execute such an undertaking.  These undertakings can be a […]

Jesus’ Resurrection was the model and my means of peace that morning after our house fire 20 years ago.  It was a rebirth of sorts.  That first morning when we […]

One thing that I learned from my life’s journey thus far is, Peace cannot be obtained by one searching or coming up with a plan that when executed obtains one’s […]