True Source of Peace

One thing that I learned from my life’s journey thus far is, Peace cannot be obtained by one searching or coming up with a plan that when executed obtains one’s peaceful existence. The most man made fool proof plan, put into place to obtain world peace, is doomed for failure from the start. Peace is not an objective. Peace is a gift from God. Now, how does one go about finding peace? Well, one does not find peace. Peace finds you. There is a minimum requirement though, one needs say “Yes” to do Jesus’ will and bidding. God will provide you bountiful opportunities throughout your day and life to do something He has in mind for you. If you perform God’s task per His will, peace is given. It just shows up.

Now what is this “God’s will” and how does one know God’s will when he/she encounters it? Good question. There are two ways that one can recognize God’s will. The first, there is a feeling inside of you that you need to do something, something for someone. You may not know why you are to do what God is asking. You may think that smile, handshake or “hi” to be said is just a small gesture. It may, though, just totally change someone’s life.

You may feel what God is asking is totally scary or something one is not qualified to do. There is a saying that, “God does not call the equipped, He equips the called”.

The second way you can know that God has called you to do something happens after that something passes you by without any action taken. In that case there is that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you just missed an opportunity presented. “Why did I not give that person a smile?” There is then a sense of loss. A feeling of something good that one failed to do. Also, the feeling that one wishes for a do over or a feeling that the next time encountering that person, will fulfill the calling given.

Let us listen for and act on those calls to action by God. If one truly wants internal peace, that is how one accomplishes peace. The real challenge at hand is to attain a “virtue” of habitually saying “Yes” to God’s calls; never looking both ways before crossing the street to say “Yes” to a call to action by our Lord.

If one wants world peace, don’t wait for someone to come up with some grand plan to solve the world’s problems. World peace starts with you doing God’s bidding and gaining your internal peace. It starts with you and me. World peace cannot be attained until each person attains his/her internal peace. Let’s change the world! We can start by finding our inner peace by doing God’s will, to do our part to attain the World’s salvation, one act of peace at a time.

Here is a quote from St. Mother Teresa about her formula to attain peace called:

“The Simple Path”.
“Silence is Prayer
Prayer is Faith
Faith is Love
Love is Service
The fruit of Service is Peace”

Peace be with you my brother/sister in Christ! Amen. God Bless.

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