Be Resurrected Today

Jesus’ Resurrection was the model and my means of peace that morning after our house fire 20 years ago.  It was a rebirth of sorts.  That first morning when we woke up from our short sleep/rest after the traumatic early morning event, it was as if looking through a new set of lenses from a fresh set of glasses.  I was able to step back and see the world and my life in a different attitude or angle.

Beginning the day with only the things that God had given to my protection and care, Cathy, Emily, Steven and Elizabeth, I began to first, feel a sense that I had a “do over” of sorts.  All the semblance of my prior life was now gone.  I would have a clean slate to take that first step that morning to build my new life forward.

As mentioned in the book, for my family and me, that day, July 5, 1996, was the demarcation point in our family’s life.  Our life was seen as all things done and owned before and after that date.  That morning, my family, then, was officially now in the “all things done after” part of our life.  It was then my task to figure out what this “new part of our life” was supposed to look like and be.

As the first week and subsequent weeks walked their march forward, the topics mentioned in the book started popping up as revelations.

  • What was God asking me to do today, and in my life? He saved me from the fire for a reason.  My work here on earth is not done yet.
  • God really does love me individually and infinitely
  • Look at all this stuff that we owned. Did my stuff praise me or God?  Did I own my stuff or did my stuff own me?

Just as that first morning, every morning we wake up gives a new day, a new chance to praise God.  We go to sleep with our sins, mistakes and short givings from the day before, and wake up renewed in God’s glory to start a new day.  What will you do with your new day?  Maybe one good day spent is in contemplation to evaluate one’s self.  Take a good look and answer the Jesus question, “But who do you say that I am?”[1]  Next, look for what gods you have in your life that make the question above difficult to answer, or at least more difficult than it should be.

In my fire experience, I was able to look back on my life and piece together how and why I got to where I was.  I was able to see God’s hand in motion to prepare me and set in motion events that formed me to where I stood that morning, surveying my life’s path forward.  In that exercise, I was able to see the hope for my salvation[2].  I was able to see that God was on my side.  I knew Jesus was rooting for me.  I was able to see God’s infinite love He had for me.  I was able to see that when I had strong Faith in the Lord, I was able to move mountains.  I also saw that when my Faith failed, those were my darkest, worst days.  I saw that I was truly a participant of God’s plan for salvation.

I then saw a pattern.  If I followed the plan to listen to and follow my Lord and Savior; to look for that glow in the east; to look for the horizon of my new day with Christ, I can do enormous and wondrous things.  Jesus said, “whoever believes in me will do the works that I do[3].  Now, that is an astounding statement from our Lord and God!  My goal every day is to believe in Jesus more than I did yesterday so I can move my daily mountains.  Even more astounding, this gives me the confidence that my salvation is at hand, just for the believing and saying “Yes” to Jesus.  Wake up and be Resurrected!!! Amen.

[1] Mark 8:29

[2] 1 Peter 3:15

[3] John 14:12

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