“I Have Come To Set The Earth On Fire” is my first literary work completed and published.  I never saw myself as the book writing type, but on rare occasions, the Lord gives you a story so compelling that one has to tell it.  It is said that God does not call the equipped, he equips the called.  I feel that in this case, for this book, God indeed not only gave me the story He wanted me to convey, but also then gave me the time, the words and the ability to write this watershed book about my family surviving and thriving after a devastating house fire where we escaped with only the clothes on our backs.

I cannot profess to being a professional author.  I have an engineering upbringing and never have been able to put together any more than 10 pages of any form of literature.  This book though was different.  It was inspired.  I cannot explain what happened or why the words came out as honey, but they did and now the book stands as my statement to the world. God has given me this story to be His herald.

As stated, I am a father of 4 children and devoted husband to Cathy of 38 years. I can never point to any literary training or aptitude – just ask my 8th grade English teacher.  She would be shocked even hearing that I wrote a book, let alone when reading this book.  As Jesus does, He equipped me to tell His story how, through tragedy, great good was done.  Also through tragedy and saying “Yes” to do Jesus’ bidding, He gave me great joy and an overwhelming gift of peace.  This is something that all men and women can achieve by saying “Yes” to your own bidding by Jesus.

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Many thanks for your interest in “I Have Come To Set The Earth On Fire”.  The author, John Chomistek

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